Welcome to Partridge Dental

Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Des Plaines, IL

Welcome to Partridge Dental

Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Des Plaines, IL

At Partridge Dental, our primary aim is to make your dentist visit a pleasant experience. As a responsible and caring family dentist, we take pride in offering high-quality care and the latest dentistry services. Our dentists aim to provide you the highest quality dental care and help you understand how to care for your teeth to reduce the need for extra dental treatment.

Your care and satisfaction are of the highest importance to us. We uphold the values of traditional family dental care that is allied to modern treatment, both preventative and cosmetic. Our staff is always eager to answer your questions regarding your dental care. Please feel free to share your concerns and needs with us.

Our Dental Services


At our office, we offer a variety of family and cosmetic dentistry services to help give you the smile you deserve.

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“We have been going several years now, our children are older and have seen him several times.  Dr. Partridge and staff are great with kids taking the extra time to explain what’s happening in kid-friendly terms, like “water gun”(drill) and “sugar bugs”(cavity).  Also in comparison to other places the name you see on the sign will most help you not like other places were the owner doesn’t practice as much or is a chain.

I would highly recommend for individual but especially for families, support someone who is local.”

Jason S.


Partridge Dental offers excellent family & cosmetic dental care in the Des Plaines, IL area. Schedule your appointment today and let our staff help you keep your smile beautiful and healthy!